Posted by : Anand December 7, 2008

Before I get started, I have to thank Kay McMahon of Wallpaper* for providing hundreds of fantastic photographs of the 2008 Milan Design Week which includes events from the Zona Tortona and the Salone Del Mobile. Although I don’t have descriptions for each image, leave a comment about any piece you’re curious about and I’ll find out what it is for you, I promise.

If you want to see Kay’s images in their entirety, go to her Flickr page and if you want to read about the exciting debuts that happened this past week, then check out Wallpaper*s fantastic coverage of Milan’s most exciting events.

Kay took so many images that I’m breaking these images up into multiple posts that I’ve categorized a bit. I call this post The White Album for its overwhelming whiteness.

Milan Design Week- white exterior furniture slats

Milan Design Week- white gymnast sculpture by peter jansen

Milan Design Week- white ipod phonograph

Milan Design Week- white jaime hayon sink

Milan Design Week- white lamps

Milan Design Week- chandelier of white figures

Milan Design Week- white pendant lamp with cool bulbs

Milan Design Week- white runner sculpture by peter jansen

Milan Design Week- white tiled pendant lighting

Milan Design Week- white wet lamp

Milan Design Week: bathtub of the gods

The next three images are from Bisazza. A sculpture by Jaime Hayon.

Milan Design Week: bisazza sculpture by Jaime Hayon

Milan Design Week: bisazza sculpture by Jaime Hayon

Milan Design Week: bisazza sculpture by Jaime Hayon

Black Pig Side Table: Possibly Moooi? Yes.

Milan Design Week: black pig side table

What would the interiors look like if Santa Clause were married to Toni Basil? Now you know.

Milan Design Week: candy striped furniture ensemble

Didn’t Olivia Newton John patent this look?

Milan Design Week: checker tiled room

Too simple for Robert Kaindl, but equally beautiful.

Milan Design Week: collection of colored glass drop pendants

Pink Jellyfish.

Milan Design Week: crystal bead chandelier

These look like Marcel Wanders chewed gum moose heads in gold.

Milan Design Week: golden sculpture

Mirrored Orbs.

Milan Design Week: mirrored spheres

Wallpaper* Party?

Milan Design Week: Wallpaper Party possibly?

Red Cocktail olives with lights.

Milan Design Week: red olive floor lamps

Horse Lamp from Moooi

Milan Design Week: black horse floor lamp by moooi

Massive Table Lamp tall enough to be a floor lamp. Marcel Wanders again?

Milan Design Week: overscaled table lamp

We’re now in the midst of arguably the most important design event of the year: Milan’s Furnitur Fair, and I’m stuck in San Francisco. SO, to satiate myself with not going to Milan for their fabulous design week, I’m reading great articles like the one referenced below:

Droog has done a complete overhaul on their website to make it so much more handy. If you’re not familiar with Droog, they are one of the most influential organizations in Dutch Design. It’s a treat to explore their wittey design objects and furniture, and it’s een more of a pleasure to explore this easily on their site. Mind you, their last site had this sort of adolescent game-like quality to it that made it fun as well. But if you were looking for something specific then forget it.
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