Posted by : Anand February 21, 2009

Contemporary DESIGNERS Profile 1

Designer Profile: Karl Zahn

I know nothing about Karl Zahn except that months ago he sent me an email wondering if I might feature his stuff, and he is a genius. Why a genius? Just take a look at some of his clever product designs:

cleat 2

How about cleat 2, a new outlet cover design that is actually a hell of a lot more useful than any design made today, but it’s relatively price sensitive.

coin operated light

How about a coin saver in place of a light switch? I like this. I almost wish when you dropped in a coin it would give you light for the amount of time the quarter was worth just so you could be atuned to your spending. Here are a number of other project images which I will let speak for themselves:

Cord Picket Fence

a paper lamp with some serious drama

lace tape

the penta chair

boiler design office.

Designer Profile: Dripta Roy and Puur
Puur: Baby C cradle

Puur: Baby C cradle

Puur is a design Studio based in three locations: Austrialia, The Netherlands and Canada. Only in the twenty first century can you say something like this with a company that is only three people. Their work is charactreized by clean, curvilinear lines and expressive solutions for their design problems. My favorite of their pieces is the Baby C cradle seen on the left. This is a completely rethought form for carrying your child, and I find its simplicity refreshing. The materials for this piece are walnut and white plastic which exemplify the restrained pallette of Puur.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the outlet ideas. I go crazy wondering how to deal with all the cables and cords- finally something practical.

    I actually had decorative tape like that packing tape 25 years ago in advertising work but it was thin and only used for graphic design. Its great to have something one can use more widely.

    Sorry but I can't get into the moss mat. It's a cool picture but I hardly think it could be widely used.

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