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Contemporary DESIGNERS Profile 2

Designer Profile: Kristina Bowers

Kristina Bowers is a graphic designer with a great sense of design. I think her resume and business card designs on the home page of her website are great examples of what a quality graphic design resume and card should look like. I love her use of white space and her typography is simple yet powerful. I wish I knew what papers she used for her personal identity system!


Designer Profile: Elseware

Cozy: A beer cozy for your 40oz.

Industrial Strength Night Light

The New York based industrial design collective blurs the line between art and product. Its members joined together in 1999 to develop a new creative outlet for themselves and a forum for their work. Elseware works backwards from the public to manufacture through theme-based gallery exhibitions such as “watershed” in 1999. The success of this show, featuring new products inspired by, and for, the bathroom, led the group to bring their first products to market. The next show, based on manifestations of the word “[ ]fuse” opened in 2001 to similar success and more widespread recognition. Their latest of five show, “American Cheese: processed,” opened in December 2003 and is a continuation of the innovative and creative thought that Elseware strives to maintain. The four core members continue to work together, and occasionally with guest designers, to further blur the line between art and design.

Aquariass: a toilet / aquarium that gives the fishes the ride of their life.

Hipster: a strange personal trailer. Think wheelbarrow.

The Vegetable Table Saw: A way to cut your vegetables into to perfectly accurate slices.

Elseware - different design.

Designer profile: Studio LIBERTINY

The work of Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny, a Slovakian-born designer based in the Netherlands, can best be described as obsessive-compulsive. But this complete devotion to his craft also leads to his profound and moving design experiments. As an example, he has recently created a Bic stained cabinet which gets its hue from collecting hundreds of Bic pens, breaking them open, and harvesting all of the ink to cover his cabinet. The result is a cabinet with a durable, dreamlike blue hue. He has also created a writing table whose top is built from twenty-two thousand strips of paper turned on end to create a soft and plyable writing surface. It’s sort of like a writing on the side of a four foot thick book.

honeycomb vase: a vase molded by bees' natural process to build.

Paper Vase: a painstakingly difficult way to make a vase.

Welded: A table made purely from solder used in the welding process.

Writing Table: A table made from 22,000 strips of paper turned on end.

Bic Blue Cabinet: A cabinet painted in Bic ink.

Studio L I B E R T I N Y.

Designer Profile: Sander Mulder

Over the years, Sander Mulder has grown to become an international operating design studio, which specializes in the field of furniture-, lighting- and interior design. Our characteristic designs have left their traces in homes, galleries and museums all over the world.

carat: a diamond shaped pendant lamp

Ceci: a lamp in the shape of a light bulb that seems to melt and drip glass

Halo: a lamp that appears to produce light in a magical ring

Therese: A chandelier made of clear acrylic that sparkles as finely as any crystal lamp could

Pandora: Cabinetry that borrows its aesthetics from shipping containers.

Sputnik: A beautiful powder coated dining table bent to form a sort of oragami perfection.

vk001: A lounge chair that looks like a melted waffle on legs.

Pong Clock: A robotic video game slowly ticking off the seconds ala the famous 1970s classic.

Woofers: White cermic dogs, sans heads, that double as speakers.

via About | Sander Mulder.

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